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What we do

“Speech-Language Pathologist” means individual who practices speech-language pathology, who makes a non-medical evaluation, who examines, councels, or provides habilitative or rehabilitative services for persons who have or are suspected of having speech, voice, language disorders, oral pharyngeal function, or cognitive processes, and who meet the qualifications.

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Where we are

Location: 5228 South Blackstone, Suite Y, Chicago, IL 60615
Telephone: (773) 493-4000
Email: aaarnell@aol.com
Office Hours: Monday -Saturday: 8am – 8pm

Child language problems involve difficulties in the development and mastery of language skills.  Children may have difficulty understanding what they hear, see, and experience, or formulating what they want to say.  Language problems may affect school performance.

There is a broad range of lanugage difficulties, from mild concerns to those which impair children’s abilities to function at age level.  Some terms often associated with language impairment include: developmental delay, language delay, learning disability, auditory processing, central auditory processing disorder, hearing impairment, reading disorder, genetic syndrome, brain injury, and prematurity.

Services We Offer:


Language Learning and Literacy Disorders


Articulation Disorders


Voice Disorders


Motor Speech Disorders


Pragmatic Language/Autism Spectrum Disorders


Central Auditory Processing Disorders


Cognitive-Communication Disorders